Flowers, chocolate cake and a painting

October 25, 2010 § 8 Comments

sunshine, cake, flowers, a painting..oh love!!

Flowers..white, orange and chocolate cake..heaven was the place where I spent my weekend 🙂

I had a great time..had a stream of guests coming over for lunch and tea. So there was food, food, food and chai :). I started celebrating my weekend by making this small painting on Friday night. I had been painting this image in my head for quite sometime and since I had no commitments as such for Saturday morning..I took the opportunity to disappear in my studies to paint..while hubby dear kept our son entertained. We have this farmers’ market on weekends, I only go there to buy fresh flowers for my this weekend hubby dear brought not one or two but three beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers..lucky me 🙂 so right now I have flowers throughout the house 🙂

hmm..she clearly doesn't eat sweets.tsk tsk

On Sunday I had guests over for tea it at my place..and apart from other goodies I made a chocolate cake with went down very well, thankfully I was able to save up a slice to photograph it later 🙂

So have a look at these pictures, enjoy and let me know what kept you busy over the weekend?

Spread love and joy..

chocolate cake

she wants to live and dye green..



Botanical Art

October 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

Have a look at these beautiful drawings of flowers, endless source of inspiration for my new work..

Over the weekend I plan to complete at least one painting. One of the pictures above is a painting I am currently working at and the rest are illustrations are from a beautiful book Treasures of Botanical Art published by Kew Publications.

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