Hidden treasure of waxed alphabets and numbers

November 8, 2010 § 10 Comments

I held this painting session with my child earlier today. He loves “discovering” alphabets, shapes, numbers etc. All day long I keep hearing things like “look mama a W”, “a beeg M”, “look a 15”, “look, look, I found a number 2″…..

So that gave me an idea..I drew numbers, alphabets and different shapes with a white crayon a white paper, and gave those papers to my son to paint over them with watercolors. As he kept painting, shapes and alphabets kept appearing on the paper. He wasn’t prepared for this as I hadn’t explained it to him..so as he proceeded to paint a “bird”, he was surprised to see a number 2 emerging on paper..”look mama my birdie number 2″ (my birdie is a number 2). As soon as he realized there was this treasure of numbers and alphabets hiding on the page, he started painting all over the page to uncover everything 🙂

It was a fun fun exercise for me and him 🙂

two circles in water

painting a birdie's wings

"look look a big W and 2"

Yay!! I have found it, I found it 🙂


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