Adding a new category “Red Plate Recipes”

December 27, 2010 § 4 Comments

So I have an announcement, I am finally adding a recipe page to my blog. Even though I am not good at writing recipes, but since I have been receiving a lot of requests for the recipes of different food that I have been sharing here, I finally decided to add it anyway. It is titled “red plate recipes”. I will keep updating this with new recipes as I blog about food under the category “on a red plate”.

I am blogging after a long break which exceeded way beyond what I had anticipated, but I am happy to be back and blogging once again.

2010 was a fantastic year with so many ups and downs. However this post is not about 2010.

I have to finish off 4 paintings and plates and I keep changing the composition all the time. I need to set a time limit before I run out of time. Deadline is January 6.


nothing is ugly

November 17, 2010 § 6 Comments

Nothing is Ugly.

No object, place, living being..nothing.

But “prejudices” and only “prejudices”.

Prejudices that lead us to war, make us judgemental, make us see things as ugly..which they are not really.

My ever-moving studio-space

November 12, 2010 § 8 Comments

Creative people often need a place where they can create their projects away from the hassle bustle that is life. Some art forms require a specific, state of the art setup (like ceramics, photography, printmaking etc.), while others simply need a few tables, chairs, and plenty of light.
I live in a three bedroom old-fashioned house. We are renting and there is not much we can do with the house. If I had my way I would have painted the walls, put in new kitchen, ripped out old mismatched tiles etc. BUT the reality is that I can’t do any of that and still have to make this house my home..I am still in the process of doing that in bits and pieces. So, out of three is our bedroom, one is my son’s room, and the third and the largest one which was once a shared study-cum-studio space for me and my husband is now his home office.
When we initially moved into this house last year in April, I made the meals area my studio. All of my materials and canvases were conveniently jumbled up on each other on my dining table. That for me was the best space to continue to work because the meals area is adjacent to our lounge and kitchen, and as a stay-at-home mother and artist I thought I was so strategically placed between lounge (hub of my son’s activities) and kitchen (hub of domestic activities). Unfortunately my husband thought otherwise, as he viewed my art materials as a “mess”.
Eventually I moved into his study and immediately the level of my productivity went down..I went from doing one to two detailed studies a day to hardly any work done in a week’s time. The reason was my son was too young and he wanted to play and stay in the lounge with all his toys and TV, and he didn’t approve my “moving out”. The only time I could concentrate on work was when my husband was home to take care of the little one. But even that arrangement didn’t last for long as my husband needed a home office to deal with increasing number of clients (and friends). So the study-cum-studio became his home office and I ended up in my son’s room. I got myself a table from Ikea, a few boxes to keep my nicknacks and an old chair from my bedroom which my husband painted in white for me. I love the fact that my table is next to a window from where I can see the two lemon trees in our front yard, have a good view of street, and basically enjoy some sunlight while having my morning cuppa 🙂 I am slowly beginning to work there, even though it is a very small area but I am managing so far..lets hope I get to make a lot of art in this space of mine 🙂

my meals area first study of flowers in 6 years


All my art materials and of course flowers on my dinning table


sharing studio space with my hubby, and son 🙂


someone is having a great time

peek-a-boo, where are you mama?

I understand that not all artists have a dedicated studio space and they are still able to produce beautiful art works from their home. Stephanie Levy is one such artist who lives in Munich and creates beautiful collages. Recently Etsy did her interview and documented her studio space for their blog. What a treat for me, to be able to peek inside the studio of my favourite artist 🙂 What I wasn’t prepared for was the fact that Stephanie (who is also a dedicated mother, blogger, and accomplished baker and cook) doesn’t have a dedicated studio space, in fact her lounge is her studio..which she shares with her girls and hubby. Have a look at her studio and tell me if it inspires you 🙂

I know that I can’t pursue printmaking from home unless I have a press and other essentials, but it doesn’t mean I stop being an artist..thus the need to pick up the brush and paint. As long as I keep working..I am happy.

de cluttering your dreams

October 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

I had many dreams. Many of them are not relevant anymore…

I only hold onto the realistic dreams..the crazy dreams are gone…sigh!

But it is not bad at is rather more of a process of de cluttering and creating a more clear head space..for thoughts and ideas which are accessible/doable and thus prompt me into action rather than spending an infinite time weighing pros and cons, dos and donts etc.

I am happier than ever before, more clear about my goals, more action-oriented 🙂

De clutter your mind and hold onto the ideas that really matter to you. And then make the most of what you are left with.

when curve is a straight line..

October 22, 2010 § 7 Comments

so ten  days into my blog I am introducing this new category where I would like to share all those very straight and not so straight thoughts that come buzzing into my head when I am:

a) washing dishes

b) vacuuming around the house

c) mopping the floors

d) and doing other extremely important chores..

so here it number one:

What day is today? Friday..hmm..who cares what day it is…like my days/tasks are different on each day of the week? Three seconds later my brain recalculates and tell me that tomorrow is a-Saturday..yippe 🙂 phew, earlier I had wasted 5 important minutes thinking what to pack for hubby darling’s lunch for tomorrow. I am doing a memory check now..recalling names of the days..Friday, Saturday, Sunday..all the while I am vacuuming my lounge’s carpet..then it hits aha-moment!!

What is my most favourite day of the week/calendar/year/all time????

And the answer reaffirms my belief that I am a poster girl for a very deadly disease “procrastination” :'(..let me elaborate please..of all the 365 days in a year and roughly twelve thousand days of my existence on planet earth, my favourite day is:


close to this are ONE FINE DAY (extremely important if you indulge in day dreaming), Just Yesterday (very handy when playing I blame u-u did this game with your spouse), SOON (which is not a day but refers to one that is to come soon, duh!!)

But of course nothing beats the beautiful perfect day-ness of Someday 🙂

Oh someday..I will have it all!!

Someday..I will do it all..



Coming up some fab illustrations based on this post..


Soon, of course 😉

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