Donuts for breakfast, lunch and tea :)

November 3, 2010 § 6 Comments

For some strange reasons my son started asking for donuts since Monday. It is strange because we don’t eat or keep donuts in our house. Not because we don’t like fact me and my hubby love them so much that we can’t exercise any control whatsoever. So, we were dealing with this temptation by living a donut free life 🙂 Easier said than done, specially if you have a toddler at home. But somehow we have been so busy that a quick run to the market for a box of donuts just did not happen..therefore finally today AFTER 10 YEARS I decided to make donuts for my son..sigh!

Yes, you read it right..the last time I made a fresh batch of donuts was way back in 1999. I used to make them every Friday evening as a treat for my siblings, but then once I went to college and later started working full time..I had no time for making donuts and baking cakes etc.

Anyways, I am glad I still remember the recipe and was able to make my son so happy 🙂 We went a little donut-crazy, and had them for breakfast, some at lunch and the rest we ate up at tea time with his father 🙂

I have a feeling that I will be making these on a regular basis now 🙂

Donuts for breakfast, lunch and tea..

My son arranged these donuts on our favourite plate 🙂

It was a beautiful experience for make something with my son which I used to make with my youngest sister ten years back..he had a great time playing with the dough I gave him..rolling it out and cutting out shapes using cookie cutters. Too bad I was too busy to take any pictures. This reminds me of a recent survey on IKEA’s website..about children’s play called Play Report. I don’t find it surprising that kids love to cook and bake with parents more than any other play activity. I think it is the best opportunity to bond with your child. It gives them a sense of accomplishment, and the skills they learn over the years help them live an independent life.

So get cooking in the kitchen with your kids. If you are worried about the mess (I know I am), then keep the activity in the earlier part of the day so you can clean up before meals time 🙂 Enjoy life, have a donut 🙂


Flowers, chocolate cake and a painting

October 25, 2010 § 8 Comments

sunshine, cake, flowers, a painting..oh love!!

Flowers..white, orange and chocolate cake..heaven was the place where I spent my weekend 🙂

I had a great time..had a stream of guests coming over for lunch and tea. So there was food, food, food and chai :). I started celebrating my weekend by making this small painting on Friday night. I had been painting this image in my head for quite sometime and since I had no commitments as such for Saturday morning..I took the opportunity to disappear in my studies to paint..while hubby dear kept our son entertained. We have this farmers’ market on weekends, I only go there to buy fresh flowers for my this weekend hubby dear brought not one or two but three beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers..lucky me 🙂 so right now I have flowers throughout the house 🙂

hmm..she clearly doesn't eat sweets.tsk tsk

On Sunday I had guests over for tea it at my place..and apart from other goodies I made a chocolate cake with went down very well, thankfully I was able to save up a slice to photograph it later 🙂

So have a look at these pictures, enjoy and let me know what kept you busy over the weekend?

Spread love and joy..

chocolate cake

she wants to live and dye green..


A bowl full of veggie goodness

October 19, 2010 § 6 Comments

I have been making this veggie soup this whole winter because it is just so easy to cook. It has a silky smooth texture and taste so divine. Soup is the mother of all comfort is not exaggeration although it may sound like it 🙂 I invite my son to help me out by putting the veggies in the pot and then pour water over them, he gets super excited and the end result is him enjoying a bowl of vegetables with me 🙂 How cool is that?? This is so far the easiest way to feed him some veggies. He even snacks on raw carrots as I prepare them for the soup. For this recipe I just boil a desiree potato, brown onion, few carrots, one parsnip and one turnip till they are tender..then I simply blend them for a smooth, silky texture. I usually drizzle it with olive oil before serving.

veggie soup

I enjoyed this soup with a slice of German dark bread smothered with creamy avocado, and topped with salad leaves and a slice of tomatoes.

veggie sandwich

My son shared this meal with me, complimenting “ooh its good mama” :’), and if you are a mother you know how important it is to include vegetables in our children’s diet. It’s a super veggie satisfying and delicious. I have a lovely friend who is vegetarian, I dedicate this post to her:)

Banana bread

October 18, 2010 § 6 Comments

Over the weekend I kept myself busy with different things, cooking was one of them. Made this banana bread for Sunday’s evening tea aka Shaam ki Chai. I served the bread warm, fresh out of oven and my hubby and  son enjoyed it with a thick layer of butter on top.

banana bread with Chai

We are one of those families who always like to eat something with tea, so a fresh homebaked bread is always a winner. Plus the kitchen smells beautiful long after you have finished the bread 🙂

Vegetable Rice

October 13, 2010 § 1 Comment

vegetable rice

Trying to eat healthy, to eat more vegetables and fruits everyday. Vegetable rice or salad is a perfect way to incorporate more veggies in your daily day diet. For this dish I used both fresh and frozen veggies..It was so yummy, even my son liked it 🙂

Chocolate Cupcakes

October 1, 2010 § 2 Comments

Easy peesy chocolate son's favourites

I made these cup cakes a while back for my son who is two and thus quite picky on what goes in his mouth 🙂

I did not use any icing but just added a few sprinkles to get him to eat these. These cupcakes are very low in sugar. Cupcakes are always a favourite of mine too as they hardly take any time to bake, so what are you waiting for?? Get mixing and bake a fresh batch today and spread the joy 🙂

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