Zentangle to get untangled in 2011

December 31, 2010 § 6 Comments

this I made last night using Indian ink and pen

Oh boy!! I never thought I would be writing about something which begins/ends or contains the word “Zen” in it. Because I just didn’t see it in me..I am no Zen, not at all. So why is it that I want to end this year with a blog post titled “Zentangle”?? Because I want to zen-out in 2011, and turn to this beautiful art form for meditation and relaxation.

To put in simple words Zentangle is like doodling, but its a bit more organized than just doodling. Doodling/ Zentangle has taken the art world by storm (not really, but yeah. Like almost). Doodling is one of the essential tools for surviving the psychological warfare that goes on all around us, all the time. Remember boring college lectures??what saved your sanity?? those tiny scribbles that you did in your note book..Those my friends were “doodles” now known as “Zentangle”. And there have been numerous other occasions, long monotonous one-sided phone calls with a friend venting her heart out (I am sure she created some doodles of her own when it was your turn to vent), a date gone wrong where you ended up drawing on the napkin instead of writing your phone number..and the list goes on.

So why do we indulge in creating small lines, shapes and other marks like these when we are stuck in a rut..what’s the relation between these lines and our emotions. Well, it is widely accepted that creating a doodle/Zentanlgle is like meditation. It is a soothing activity which brings peace and calm to a person. It literally makes you zen-out. The only materials you need are a piece of paper (any size would do), a pen or a pencil. Doesn’t matter if you think you are artistically challenged, aren’t we all?

So here’s wishing you all a happy new year, and I pray we all find happiness, health and a little bit of Zen in 2011.

Happy New Year

Just ended my year by making this quick one

So I got myself a new notebook ;), and I have been creating these little pieces in it since yesterday. I am stuck inside a huge creative block and Zentangling is my way out.

I got this lovely to start untangling my creativity

 I am off on a road trip for three days with my family. Get back to blogging after this break.


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