“When Love Comes to Town”

December 26, 2010 § 3 Comments

What can be a more appropriate title than this beautiful song “When love comes to town” by U2 and BB King to summarize how I felt when I found out that legendary rock band U2 were to rock Melbourne with their massive 360 concert tour in December. I had already missed out on their last hit concert Vertigo, so this was a must-attend-at-any-cost-event for me, and boy did I pay a hefty price for attending it!! I ended up with Laryngitis afterwards and lost my voice for about a week, all because of singing my heart out with the 60,000 fans. Well, I attended the concert despite asthma and sour throat, patiently waited for four hours for U2 to grace the stage, and through an hour long opening act by Jay Z banged head like zombies (partly because of medicines and partly because I actually couldn’t hear him well, (damn you EQ). And by the time U2 hit the stage I have had two cups of coffee and two rolls of sushi (not at one time). The concert was held in Etihad stadium, which is huge because it-is-a-stadium!! Stadium gigs are not easy to pull off, but then nobody does a stadium like Bono and his boys. 360 concert tour is one of the most expensive rock concerts in history. The major attraction was obviously the gigantic Claw, but for U2 fans it was all about U2 :’)

crowd gathering around the Claw before concert

Jay Z rocks the crowd, his performance is projected on the giant screen

One by one they kept playing all their hit numbers, started out with my favorite “New Years Day” and then some new ones. I called my sisters in Pakistan when they played “Beautiful Day”, it was magic :’)

I love love love U2, attending their concert was one of the biggest dreams of my life and I left their concert with such intense feelings. Throughout the concert I missed my sisters and girl friends (Zainab and Saman) like crazy, my brother, and my hubby (who was babysitting our son). I missed my college days, when we were young and had dreams. Listening to Bono’s larger than life voice brought forth a surge of powerful nostalgia that I had never experienced before..I thought I was over and done with that chapter of my life, happily transformed into a sub-urban stay-at-home mother, aspiring artist, and a super-skilled home maker..sigh!!

Turns out the old me is still well intact, ready to come out and re claim her identity. Attending this concert made me realize that I haven’t still lost my love for music, a good song still holds the power to make my day..and that I don’t have to give up on my life-long dreams of travelling, studying, having a successful art practice and many others like that. It may sound naive to most but I needed a moment like that, a moment of reassurance and affirmation. The moment came to me like a sudden realization of a truth I knew all along, but wasn’t able to make sense of it.

I got myself back.

Before that I was only “trying” to recreate the me I once was..by mechanically doing things that I used to do. It has changed. And I couldn’t be much more happier, and relieved.

I left the concert venue..leaving behind Bono and his boys playing their last songs for us “I still haven’t found what I am looking for”..making sure this haunts us all till the next time when we see them rocking us all to our bones.

Mr. Bono thank you for a beautiful memory.

amazing display of lights, and video projection

U2 performing "beautiful day"

My favourite video projection and lights sequence of the Claw


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§ 3 Responses to “When Love Comes to Town”

  • Soofia Tariq says:

    Congratulations on getting your self back!

    Love it when you hear music from your younger days and it makes you feel young again.

  • amna says:

    Soofia I think it was more than just feeling young again, I think it was more about realizing that I am still free to do and enjoy things for myself 🙂

  • Zainab Barlas says:

    awwwww! wish i coulda been there! Oh, to be young and energetic again… and more importantly, with no worries!

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