A bowl full of veggie goodness

October 19, 2010 § 6 Comments

I have been making this veggie soup this whole winter because it is just so easy to cook. It has a silky smooth texture and taste so divine. Soup is the mother of all comfort food..it is not exaggeration although it may sound like it 🙂 I invite my son to help me out by putting the veggies in the pot and then pour water over them, he gets super excited and the end result is him enjoying a bowl of vegetables with me 🙂 How cool is that?? This is so far the easiest way to feed him some veggies. He even snacks on raw carrots as I prepare them for the soup. For this recipe I just boil a desiree potato, brown onion, few carrots, one parsnip and one turnip till they are tender..then I simply blend them for a smooth, silky texture. I usually drizzle it with olive oil before serving.

veggie soup

I enjoyed this soup with a slice of German dark bread smothered with creamy avocado, and topped with salad leaves and a slice of tomatoes.

veggie sandwich

My son shared this meal with me, complimenting “ooh its good mama” :’), and if you are a mother you know how important it is to include vegetables in our children’s diet. It’s a super veggie meal..so satisfying and delicious. I have a lovely friend who is vegetarian, I dedicate this post to her:)


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§ 6 Responses to A bowl full of veggie goodness

  • Sabahat Zia says:

    oooooo Amna this soups looks yummmy. wana try this out.

  • Soofia Tariq says:

    I also love soup but haven’t made any for ages, I thought it would be too time consuming to feed it to my two year old, but your blog has inspired me, I’m going to try some soon inshallah. I agree that it’s a very good way to up your daily vegie intake. You can even add a stock cube to the mix, it just jazzes it up a bit, I like the Massel brand ones, they don’t contain animal products but taste as if they do.

    • amna says:

      Soofia it takes under an hour to prepare this soup, you may make one big pot and freeze a portion for later use. I don’t use any stock cubes because I find them too salty for my taste, I actually don’t put any salt in the soup either..but its just me 🙂
      I am glad my blog has inspired you to eat more veggies..we need it 🙂

  • awwwww! I ❤ u! Both these things look super gourmet! And AM, i'm serious about u considering going into product photography or food photography in particular. These pics are very pro. They make me WANT the food in the pics. You are one skillful lady, lady … And dont u forget it!

  • amna says:

    ❤ you back 🙂
    Thanks Zainab..I have been thinking about getting into food/ product photography for two years now but haven't figured out where to begin actually..so I just take pictures of what I cook, things around me etc.

  • hubba says:

    First time on your blog 🙂

    Oh wow, these look amazing! I admire that you are able to make such delicious food 🙂 and lovely pictures you know how to take photo of simple things and make them look more beautiful.. turn your photography talent into profit !! 😉

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